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How we brew connections


Open for Coffee integrates easily with Workday, SAP SuccessFactors, and other HCM applications so that setup is a breeze. Our AI maps skills, experience, location, and other key characteristics of your employees to enable effective collaboration across your organization.


Our AI-based search and matching algorithms ensure that your employees find the right people to talk to and collaborate with instantly. These recommendations help not only to save on the numerous meetings and hours that it takes to reach the right person, but also enhance employee experience.


Open for Coffee uses enterprise-ready connectors with Microsoft Exchange and Google Workspace for secure and seamless scheduling. Our meeting management and messaging features make collaboration simple and efficient.


Break Barriers

Many people work in departmental silos, often without even realizing it. This means that work ends up being duplicated. Powered by AI, Open for Coffee is smart, silo-smashing software that enables the easy exchange of expertise and ideas.

Enable internal networking

Open for Coffee employs machine learning techniques to recommend colleagues with matching and complementary skills, helping to facilitate internal professional networking. These AI-assisted connections may result in the next big idea in your organization.

Identify knowledge gaps within your organization

Open for Coffee uses AI to identify knowledge and skill gaps that exist in your organization. This gives you the information needed to develop training programs that can boost the efficiency and competency levels in your company.

Identify knowledge gaps for individual employees

Open for Coffee’s machine learning algorithms direct your employees to highly relevant internal and external training programs, which otherwise may not have the visibility they deserve.


Ever wondered if your teams are duplicating work because they don’t talk to each other enough? Is your company paying external consultants when the right talent may be found within your own workforce? Are geographic and departmental silos stifling innovation in your organization?

Open for Coffee helps you solve these problems with the power of AI and your own HCM data. Break down barriers at your company and get your employees talking to each other using our state-of-the-art silo-smashing software.

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